As Canadians, we know that the safety of our people and our communities always comes first. 

The use of video and voice recorders in the cab of a locomotive could save lives. Not only will it increase understanding of accidents after they occur but can prevent incidents before they happen by improving education and training, and allowing for random spot checks for compliance with safety-critical behaviours.

Now is the time to help make video and voice recorders a reality. Spread the word and show your support for increased safety measures for railway operations across Canada. 

Get the facts

human error 11 percent

Technology can improve rail safety.

From 2005-2015, advances in technology led to a 65% decline in the number of railway incidents caused by equipment and a 35% decline related to track, while accidents resulting from human error increased by 11%.

*Source Transportation Safety Board
bus collisions

Inward-facing cameras work.

More than 20,000 transit buses in the U.S. were set up with inward-facing cameras, with a measurable and positive impact. Over four years, there was a dramatic improvement, including a 40% reduction in bus collisions and a 30% reduction in passenger injuries.

*Source: San Jose State University's Mineta Transportation Institute
inward facing train cameras

Support the technology that could save lives.

CP is ready to improve safety for Canadian communities with video and voice recorders in every locomotive. Sign the Safety Pledge by using the tabs above and spread the word to show your support of improving safety measures across our country’s rail corridors.